B4 Entertainment is a full fledged multi-media company with a family atmosphere. With over fourteen years of experience, we have developed the skill set to wow our clients by providing them with excellent service and a final product they are happy to share with their audience. To find out more about the services we offer, please visit our “Services Page.” Meet some of the B4 Entertainment family below…

Ricky Burchell is an award-winning film director and editor. He has over ten years’ experience in film-making and is known to do excellent work that has garnered the attention of numerous entertainment professionals. His latest film, “Where is Good?” shipped 20,000 units nationwide and was released through Walmart Stores everywhere. “Where is Good?” broadcast into 25 million homes through the NRB Television Network. “Where is Good?” is now featured on Comcast/Xfinity as well as multiple digital outlets. The film will be released in the Latin America Market in 2017.

Nancy DeGennaro of Nashville, Tennessee, is an award-winning multimedia journalist with the USA Today Network who has worked in the journalism industry 25 years. She is best known for telling heartwarming stories and bringing a human side to tragedies through written word and video. She is also active in local philanthropy.

Richard Kemp is a one-of-a-kind sound engineer.  He has been working professionally in the entertainment industry since 2007.  Richard is a graduate of the Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville. There he was taught by other great sound designers from “Looney Tunes” and “Finding Dory.”  He has also worked with several rock legends, pop stars, and designed sound for the inspirational film, “Where is Good?” “A visionary of sound” is what he likes to call himself.  Richard loves to listen.  Life is his sound stage and he’s capturing it all with a microphone.

Dawn Griffith has a background in IT and accounting, holding over 16 years of experience in auditing, domestic and international financial systems conversions, general accounting, and control and risk evaluation. Griffith’s current role is accounting and operations manager of a financial services company which creates and offers meaningful financial products that nurture the growth and development of the independent global music community.